Your Application for our High School Programme

Three steps to apply.


Going abroad is a big decision, because as a student you will spend up to one year away from home and you want to make sure that everything is well-organised before you go. Transparency and and a very clear description of what you will expect in Germany are most important. Nobody wants to live with uncertainty when making big decisions.

As a parent the decision might be even bigger: first of all sending the kid abroad is quite an investment. In addition to that you will not see your kid for up to one year in a very important time of his/her life. Also you will worry about safety and the quality of education.

But how do you recognize a quality programme? Most agencies and organizations have very similar descriptions of how they organise your high school studies in Germany. The promises are similar, too: high quality, safe, best experience of your life. But what facts do they present to support their arguments?

The recipe for a quality high school programm has three main ingredients:

  • Safety & Service level
  • Host Family / Homestay
  • School

1. Safety and Service

Unless you are going to attend a bording school, you will be placed with a host family.

2. Host Family / Homestay

Your host family is the group of people who

3. School

Of course the pinnacle of the programme is the High School you will be attending. And you will

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When will I know what school I will be going to?
  • Do I have a choice regarding the school?
  • How can I get info on that school?
  • How do I get there and how will I find friends?


Next Steps

Wait, that's all? No. There is a secret fourth ingredient and that is you. Both, the parents and the student. Your mindset and the way you approach the challenges of going to high school in Germany directly impact the experience for you as a family, because High School in Germany is not just an exciting coming-of-age experience. This period in the life of a student is a character shaping and life defining time. Read more on these aspects for parents here and for students here.

Start your journey, enroll now!

  • With us you don't have to apply for a complicated selection process, but we can guarantee to place you with both a nice host family and a good high school in germany.
  • Other Organisations dont have enough capacity and thus need to reconfirm with their parterns / agencies
  • We are the largest host family network
  • We are the end-resource in Germany for most foreign agencies
  • No middle men